2022 Tuition Rates

3 Day Options:  Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Monday/Tuesday/Thursday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday

2 Day Options:  Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday

Imprints Day School does not credit for sick days, vacation time, holidays, or closure due to weather or natural disaster.  Your tuition is due regardless of your child's attendance.



                   Fulltime     $375.00

                   3 Days        $315.00

                   2 Days        $210.00



                   Fulltime     $345.00

                   3 Days        $294.00

                   2 Days        $196.00


2 Year Olds


                   Fulltime     $335.00

                   3 Days        $270.00

                   2 Days        $180.00




                   Fulltime     $300.00

                   3 Days        $255.00

                   2 Days        $170.00




                   Fulltime     $290.00

                   3 Days        $249.00

                   2 Days        $166.00



Infant Classrooms

Imprints Day School starts in-taking infants as young as 6 weeks old.  Student to teacher ratio is 4:1 in all infant classrooms.   At Imprints Day School, we follow the Eat, Play, and Sleep philosophy from Gary Ezzo, found in the book "On Becoming Babywise". This book helps guide an infant's day through a consistent schedule. Allowing the infants to eat, play, then sleep ensures that the infants will get a quality, gas-free nap.  All of our infant classrooms are equipped with various toys, books, exasaucers and swings to promote each child's individual needs to grow and develop cognitively, physically and emotionally.

Toddler Classrooms

Our toddler classrooms are a 5:1 ratio.  Our small cozy classrooms give children the opportunity to explore their environment in a small group setting.  We offer an outdoor playground which is equipped with synthetic grass to keep our infants and toddlers clean as they explore their outside world.  At Imprints, we have a dedicated toddler indoor gym used for gross motor skills when outside time is prohibited due to inclement weather.

Two-Year Old Classrooms

Our two year old classrooms are a 12:2 ratio.  Although there are 12 children in a room, our teachers split into small groups for learning times.  Our daily circles and activity times are focused with a group of 6, while the other children enjoy our spacious outdoor playground or make use of our dedicated two year old indoor gym.  Our two year old classrooms focus on potty training as a social event throughout the day as our friends cheer each other on!  The teachers will work directly with all parents to ensure consistency with potty training in school and at home.  We will help to make potty training a positive learning experience.

Preschool Classrooms

Our preschool classrooms are a 16:2 ratio.  Imprints requires all preschoolers to be potty trained before entering the large group setting so that teachers are able to focus their attention on the curriculum needs of the students.  Families will receive weekly lesson plans through their email which will highlight circle concepts and learning centers offered throughout the week.  Preschool has their own outdoor play area along with a dedicated indoor gym area equipped with a padded floor for use of scooters, balance beams and other gym equipment.

Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms

Our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are a 15:1 ratio.  Our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms focus on early language, literacy, math and science skills which they will see in Kindergarten.  With our phonics program, handwriting program and the use of our pre-kindergarten sight words, our students are excited readers by the end of Pre-K!  Students are thrilled to share their Pre-Kindergarten experiences at their graduation at the end of the year.